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I CHOOSE CLIMATE CHANGE AS MY ISSUE. Will tells you that a major grant foundation just placed your community on its watch list. The council wants this project to help meet the foundation’s standards for better community living and a representative has offered to match the city council prize for the winning entry! Will thinks your project is great and could be a winner. You need to submit your potential action plans with the costs and benefits for each as soon as possible to help with the foundation’s information request. His advice is to put in as much detail as you can to impress them! You thank Will and get to work. You want that $40,000!

Part One: Consider

Consider all possible action plans and solutions to the issue you are researching. Ask what your community can do to address the issue you have chosen. What can you personally do? Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem? Conduct research in your local community to answer these questions.

Part Two: Analyze

Consider the consequences each potential solution may have on all levels of your local economy. What are the costs and benefits of your potential action plans? What are the externalities, both positive and negative, of your chosen solutions? Use the Research Chart to document your data, take notes, and track your sources of information.

Read these tips for online research. You may also find this Activity on conducting research helpful.
The following news and information websites may provide a good starting point for your research:—links to information on local, state, and federal governments
Florida Online—information on state policies and programs in Florida
U.S. Newspaper Links—Florida and other states available
Public Agenda—analysis and data on many current issues
Public Policy Issues and Groups
New York Times—International News
Reuters—International & World News
CIA—The World Factbook
For this course please use the MLA format to cite your sources.


Guiding Questions

Your Responses

Consider all possible solutions or alternatives.

Give three possible solutions to the economic issue you are investigating.
Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen?

Determine the consequences of these solutions—both intended and unintended.

What is one positive or negative externality presented by this issue? Refer to your circular-flow diagram for help.
What incentives motivate individuals, businesses, and government to act on each possible solution?
What is one externality, positive or negative, that could result from each possible solution?

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