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ArgumentativeEssay(Final)AssignmentInstructionsMUST CHOOSE A TOPIC FROM THE PICFor this assignment, work your way through the revision andproofreading stages of your writing process, and submit yourfinal version.AssignmentInstructions 1. Review the grading rubric as listed on the following page.2. Work through the revision stage of the writing process.3. Work through the proofreading stage of the writing process.4. Create a final version of your Argument Essay according to the following. Papers submitted that do not meet the requirements will be returned to you ungraded.o Minimum of 2 to 3 typed, double-spaced pages (about 500-600 words), Times New Roman, 12 pt font size (not including the Works Cited page.o MLA formatting (see the MLA Format page as needed)o Submitted as either a .doc, .docx, .rtf file with your first and last name in the file name.5. Submit your final version of your Argument Essay as a single file upload.


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