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Please view the picture for instructions. The essay only needs to be 500 words long. Please make sure to answer all the questions in the instructions


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MGMT 3106: Management Science and Operations Management
Research Paper Instructions
Follow instructions carefully. Otherwise your grade will be affected.
You can discuss the topic with colleagues. But you are not allowed to share your work.
Alike assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time.
Alike assignments will lead to an F in the course second time.
Previous semester assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time.
Previous semester assignments will lead to an F in the course second time.
Sources and Plagiarism
Cite your sources (i.e., websites, books, magazines, etc.)
Answers without sources will not earn grade.
Plagiarism: To use the same words as your source.
Plagiarism leads to a 0 in the assignment. No matter if it is only a sentence.
Be organized and professional.
Consistent formatting is expected (Line spacing, margins, fonts, numbering, etc.)
Poorly presented assignments will lose up to 20% because of presentation.
Answers without proper support will not earn any grade.
Include calculations when necessary.
Refer to appendixes when explaining your answer.
Research Topic 2
The U.S. has the highest health care cost per capita. On average, other wealthy countries spend about half
as much per person on health than the U.S. spends. There are many inefficiencies in U.S. healthcare
industry. Do you think applying operations management concepts and methods such as Six Sigma and
Lean principles can reduce U.S. Health care costs? Discuss providing examples.
(Search Galileo for articles on using Lean Six Sigma to improve healthcare to provide examples. Cite all
the articles you used.)
Use the research paper format given below to write your response. Minimum 500 words, Maximum 2000
words (excluding references and appendixes).
MGMT 3106: Management Science and Operations Management
This assignment is part of assigned work for this course. You are required to research the following
topic and write a report in the format given below.
Section 1-Introduction
The Introduction includes the following information:

The objectives and scope of the investigation
A description of the structure of the report that allows the reader to know what to expect
Section 2-Literature Review
This section should include followings:

Brief history of the topic
Recent developments in the field
Current events affecting the topic
Section 3-Discussion
This section should include followings:

The current course of action, its effects, and any evidence to support it
Proposed actions and how it might affect the future results
Section 4: Conclusions & Recommendations
The Conclusions and Recommendations section closes the report. The information included in this
section is:

A summary of the problem and the objective of the investigation
A brief description of proposed actions
This section includes professional citations of books, articles, websites, etc. that were used during the
investigation. References should be numbered. References should be cited in the report.
The appendix starts in a different page. The appendix might include:

Charts that support decision making
Any other information that support the report.
All information included in the appendix section needs to be referenced in the report. Each appendix
should have a title and an appendix number.

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