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„„ Chapter Outline
The chapter outline provides you with an organizational guide to the topics and ideas presented in this
chapter of the text.
Major Stimulants
Minor Stimulants
Caffeine-Like Drugs
OTC Sympathomimetics
Herbal Stimulants
Global Stimulant Abuse
Stimulant Production
Global Stimulant
Global Drug Policy
„„ Key Terms
Define the following terms:
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1. Uppers
2. Behavioral stereotypy
3. Narcolepsy
4. Speed
5. Rush
6. High
7. Run
8. Hyperpyrexia
9. Freebasing
10. Crack babies

Chapter 10
11. Xanthines
12. Caffeinism
„„ Fill-in-the-Blank
are substances that cause the user to feel pleasant effects such as a
sense of increased energy and a state of euphoria.
are drugs that suppress one’s appetite for food.
3. The two principal side effects of therapeutic doses of amphetamines are
is a smokable form of methamphetamine.
5. A
is similar to a run, but is usually of a shorter duration.
6. Repeated administration of methamphetamine to maintain the high is called
7. Recruiting the help of many friends and associates to purchase legal amounts of the methamphetamine
precursor chemicals such as pseudoephedrine (e.g., in decongestants) to sell to illegal
methamphetamine producers is called
8. Combinations of amphetamine or cocaine with an opioid narcotic are called
9. Ecstasy is a
, a drug used by young adults at dance parties such as raves.
10. When methylphenidate (Ritalin) is used by college students to increase physical or mental endurance
11. A drug is
when contaminating substances are mixed
in to dilute the drug.
12. Already processed and inexpensive “freebased” cocaine, ready for smoking, is called
„„ Identify
1. Identify and briefly discuss the three FDA-approved uses of amphetamines.
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to achieve a more positive outcome on exams, it is referred to as

2. Briefly discuss the three eras of cocaine history.
a. The First Cocaine Era
b. The Second Cocaine Era
c. The Third Cocaine Era

3. Describe the use and consequences of using methylphenidate by college students to help prepare for exams.
4. Identify four street names for cocaine.
5. Identify four possible effects of cocaine withdrawal.
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6. Give three reasons why the combined use of cocaine and alcohol can be so dangerous.
7. Explain why combining caffeine and alcohol in commercially prepared beverages is dangerous.

Chapter 10
„„ Discussion Questions
1. How were amphetamines put to use during wartime? Should they still be used today?
2. How do amphetamines work in the body?
3. What are some consequences of increased amphetamine use?
4. How is amphetamine addiction treated?
5. Why have local methamphetamine labs disappeared, and what has replaced them for supplying illegal
6. Why did the early South American civilizations have fewer negative experiences with cocaine use than
we do now?
7. How has American cocaine use affected South American countries?
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8. How can cocaine be administered? How does the method of use determine the intensity of the
drug’s effects?
9. How is cocaine addiction treated? What are the major differences in treatment approaches? How does
one determine which treatment is most appropriate for an addicted individual?
10. At what point does caffeine become dangerous? What effects does it have in higher doses? Should the
FDA control it more tightly?
11. According to the World Health Organization, what does ATS stand for and how big of a global problem
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are they?

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Drug policy

CUNY New York City College of Technology

Global Drug

Herbal Stimulants

Stimulants Production

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