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1.Go to and explore the video tab by using the key term diversification. As you learned in this unit, there are various sources of information. Watch at least three videos you find, list the videos you viewed, and provide a summary of the type of information the video. Answer in couple sentences 2. agree or disagree to post below within 2-3 sentencesOut of the videos I watched the one where Paul Sandhu spoke stood out to me the most. He said that “the best course of action for investors right now is to diversify their portfolio in light of the geopolitical concerns.” This ties in with our lessons for this unit because time matters when it comes to money and investors should not let some of these political issues that are going on to stop them from investing in certain companies. He also made some predictions that the Asian markets look to be growing. The other video I watched also spoke about how young investors need to build their diversification in their portfolio. Number answers please as it is in questions.Thanks

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