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1.Go to and explore the video tab by using several different key terms such as stock pricing, stock valuation, and bond prices. Watch at least two videos you find. List the videos you viewed, and provide a summary of the type of information that the video contained and how it relates to the models, variables and the process of valuation. How can you apply valuation techniques to your personal investment strategy if you have money to invest?Answer in couple sentences and then agree or disagree to a post down below within 2-3 sentences2. Both of the videos I watched were very interesting. They had a lot of good information in them. The first one went in depth of how citi group could double its stock price within the next few years. The second video stated why Jeff Bezos never doubted Amazons potential. Even when they were at their lowest. He always had faith in the company. He went into further detail just why he believed in them. This all relates to all the financial things we went over during this week.

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