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1. Choose a prompt, write your response, post your work, telling me which prompt you chose, and writing a brief “defense” — something about why you chose that prompt, what challenges you encountered, what the process was like, what insights you gained, etc. Then, I will comment on your work; you will then reply to my comment by focusing briefly on one or more specific aspects of craft; finally, I will enter a grade.7.2: Curses (PROMPT CHOSEN)Write a poem (or prose text) of blame; or, further, make it a curse.J. M. Synge (Links to an external site.), “The Curse” (Links to an external site.)And another Irish one — James Stephens, “The Glass of Beer”; (Links to an external site.)Also, these poems by Cynthia Huntington (Links to an external site.):”Curse One: The Wraith” (Links to an external site.)”Curse Two: The Naming” (on Youtube, read by Martin Espada (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.)Many cultures have a tradition wherein one chants a curse on someone, effusively; in the Irish tradition, it is often meant to be funny, self-deprecating at times — partly because the Irish were for so long “cursed” with the English, but could do little about it. It is an exercise in apostrophe, in anaphora, and in hyperbole. Try to find the right focus and degree of vituperation. That, by the way, is a related form, or perhaps the foundation for the Irish-style curse: The Greeks and Romans taught writing according to the Progymnasmata, or a series of rhetorical forms, one of which was the Vituperation. See The Forest of Rhetoric site for more information. (Links to an external site.)Also, of course, if you really don’t have that much vitriol toward anyone or anything right now, you might instead try the Encomium or Paean — a text of praise, rather than blame. After readings some of the Web Links, Suggested Readings, or Lectures (from any week or the supplements), write your report here. Remember to write at least 100 words. Harryette Mullen (Links to an external site.), [Kills bugs dead]:

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The Curse poem

The Glass of Beer poem

Curse One The Wraith Poem

Curse Two The Naming poem

A World of Curses

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