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To prepare for this assignment research national standards of Baccalaureate Education set by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education. To access these materials please visit:… the table template provided, juxtapose these national standards with each of your courses, CON goals, program learning outcomes, and course objectives for your BSN program. In the table, ensure that you align each core competency to each of your courses, goals, program learning outcomes, and course objectives (one course per standard). Place in appendix of report.In addition, from W4 Working Ahead, develop a two-page report discussing the two separate courses chosen (one Didactic and one Clinical) that are linked to your program outcomes and evaluation strategies.Click here ( I have attached) to download University of the Seven Seas College of Nursing CON Standards Related to National Standards By the due date assigned, submit the table of comparisons and two-page report in a Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. As you create your paper, be sure that you follow APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.



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Comparison of AACN Essentials Of Baccalaureate Education (AACN, 2008) To College
of Nursing Goals
AACN Essentials
College of Nursing Goals
Liberal education for Baccalaureate
To produce competent and empathetic
Generalist Nursing Practice
nurses with a diverse set of skills. This goal
fulfills the essential for liberal education
because it aims at producing graduate nurses
with a diverse set of skills and competent
enough to apply the acquired to complex
practical challenges.
Basic Organizational and Systems
To produce leaders within the nursing
Leadership for Quality Care and Patients
profession. The goal fulfills this essential
because it produces nurses with the skills
and ability to manage nursing organizations
and provide leadership to all departments
within the healthcare organization. The
nursing leaders will be better placed to
manage the quality and safety of healthcare
(American Nursing Association, 2011).
Scholarship for evidence Based Practice
To produce competent and empathetic
nurses with a diverse set of skills, able to
transform evidence into practice. This goal
fulfills the essential for scholarship for
evidence-based practice because it produces
implementation and continuous application
of evidence-based practice. Evidence-based
practice requires a diverse set of skills and
competence in order to be implemented
Association, 2011).
Information management and Application of The goal is to produce nurse graduates who
Patients care Technology
use information technology to solve existing
challenges in the nursing environment and
improve health outcomes for patients.
Information technology supports decision
making so as to improve the quality of
healthcare provided (American Association
of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). This goal
fulfills the requirement by introducing
students to the applications of information
technology in the nursing environment.
Healthcare Policy, Finance and Regulatory
To produce nurse graduates who uphold the
regulations guiding nursing practice and
exhibit financial competence. According to
the American Nursing Association (2011),
future nurses should be able to understand
and modify the regulatory framework so as
to act as changemakers in the field of
healthcare provision.
Interprofessional Communication and
To produce graduate nurses who exhibit
Collaboration for Improving patients Health
excellent collaborative and communication
skills when working in the healthcare
environment. Improving healthcare quality
requires nurses to work together with other
professionals to address nursing challenges
(American Association of Colleges of
Nursing, 2008). This essential is fulfilled by
equipping students with communication
skills during practical assignments.
Clinical Prevention and Population Health
To produce nurses who embrace health
promotion through participatory learning
and action and extend healthcare to the
community (Lumbasi, K’Aol, & Ouma,
2016). This goal fulfils the requirement
because it enables students to learn how to
promote healthcare and disease prevention
by extending healthcare knowledge into the
Professionalism and Professional values
To facilitate the transition from being
being nurses
and enable
graduates to ethically approach challenges
in the nursing environment. The goal fulfills
the essential by equipping nurses with
practical skills needed to professionally
approach their duties. Smooth transition
from being a student to being a professional
is key to producing a graduate with ethical
values needed for professional practice
(American Nursing Association, 2011).
Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
To educate nurses who demonstrate a
diverse set of skills and who value working
with patients and their families to improve
health outcome. The goal fulfills the
requirement of a generalist nursing practice
because it enables the nurse graduate to
respect the existence of variations of care
Colleges of Nursing, 2008) and be able to
work in a dynamic and complex nursing
American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2008). Essential of Baccalaureate education.
Retrieved from
American Nursing Association. (2011). Recommendation for IOM on the future of Nursing.
Lumbasi, G. W., K’Aol, G. O., & Ouma, C. A. (2016, July). The Effect Of Participative
Leadership Style On The Performance Of COYA Senior Managers In Kenya.
Researchjournali’s Journal of Management, 4(5), 1-12.
University of the Seven Seas
College of Nursing
CON Standards Related to National Standards
Curriculum mapping makes it possible to identify where within the curriculum learning objectives are addressed. In other words, it provides a means to
determine whether your objectives are aligned with the curriculum. AACN (2008) developed the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Practice
document , which consists of nine essentials that provide a national standard for baccalaureate nursing curriculum.
Directions: For this assignment, you are asked to address Essentials I-IX and identify a corresponding course that is appropriate for the content in the essential.
In the table below, fill in the national accrediting agencys standard in the first column (i.e., AACN). Then in the following five columns, fill in the standard,
course, program goal, program learning outcome, and course objective that meets the standard (an example is provided).
CON Course
III. Scholarship for
NRS410 Evidence-Based
This is the AACN
Standard that you will
be using for your
This is the course that
critical thinking and
evidenced based
practice is related to.
Only use one course
even though there
would be several
courses that exhibit
critical thinking
CON Course
Program Goal
Integrates critical thinking
skills with traditional and
contemporary methods to
include evidenced-based
practices to care for
This is your program goal
that is related to the
essentials for critical
thinking and EBP. (Broad).
CON Program Learning
The professional nurse
translates current
evidence to guide clinical
CON Course Objective
This is your learning
outcome that is related to
the essentials for critical
thinking/ EPB and how
the student learns critical
thinking for your nursing
program (Narrow).
A course objective is very specific
in which the learner will
participate in a specific (only
one) learning situation that
applies critical thinking/EBP to
the course. The objective focuses
the student on critical thinking
for a specific learning
assignment (Specific).
Program Goal
CON Program Learning
CON Objective
The learner will analyze current
literature to address a selected
clinical issue.
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University of the Seven Seas
College of Nursing
CON Standards Related to National Standards
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