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I’m looking for someone to help me with getting an annotated bibliography in an MLA format done in 17hrs. The title: The Rock Bottom of Society The topic: Poverty (use and a secondary source of your choice) The argument is : Poverty is a real humanitarian issue and no ones doing anything about it. Please annotate 5 of the primary and secondary sources using: Academic, book, and news article. First cite in correct MLA format in alphabetical order, then summarize each source with a summary (at least 5 sentences) Please be sure it is relevant to the sources. Create an outline with a tentative thesis. let me know for more details and I’ll do my best tot provide more information and answer any questions needed.MLA citations: Citations must be in the correct format, have hanging indents, be in alphabetical order, contain all the correct info in the correct order, be correctly punctuated, and contain all the necessary information.Annotations: Must contain a detailed discussion of the source, including how the source is relevant to your topic and how you might use it in your paper, should include specific details from the source, and is in complete sentences and forms a coherent paragraph.Outline: Must be in correct outline format. Must contain specific details about your paper. Must include your tentative thesis statement. Must follow one of the paper layout formats.

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social relationships

longitudinal data

political players

poverty indicators

social economic resilience

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