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ULOsEvaluate the causes and consequences of intimate partner violence (CLO5)Apply the feminist theory to family (CLO1)Apply knowledge to everyday lives and their own lives (CLO6)DirectionsWrite an analysis of a minimum of 500 words on the issues presented in the article.Apply one of the family theories to the article.Apply at least 3 terms/concepts learned this week in your paper. Concepts for the week can be found in bold print in the chapters in the supplemental readings in the free online Hammond, Cheney, and Pearsey text.Please underline or bold the 3 terms and the theory in your paper.The topic of your paper must be on one of the readings below.Ferguson reading or de Jonge reading to write on:“Making the Invisible Visible: LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence””Corporate Social Responsibility Through a Feminist Lens: Domestic Violence and the Workplace in the 21st Century” by de Jonge

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intimate partner violence

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LGBTQ community

LGBTQ Relationships

heterosexual relationships

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