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I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need support to help me learn.This is one of my papers I need help with. I ran out of time to complete


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The decision of the police to use force.
Resources. (peer reviewed)
What factors enhance the probability for police decision to use force.
What does the scientific evidence demonstrate?
The crux of the paper is to address the factors (e.g., suspect characteristics and behavior; criminal justice
officials’ characteristics and behavior; neighborhood or community-based influences; organizational
characteristics, etc.), based primarily on published scientifically rigorous and valid research evidence,
that affect the decision. The paper is NOT about your views or feelings about the decision nor the pros
or cons of the decision (e.g., philosophical or ethical views of the death penalty, history of the death
penalty, etc.), but rather it is about the scientific evidence demonstrating what
factors/variables/determinants increase/decrease the odds of the decision.
Thus, the easiest way to think through this assignment is to ask what factors enhance the probability of
the decision? Of course, when I say “ask” I mean what does the scientific evidence demonstrate. Hence,
upon selecting a decision, conduct a review of the relevant scientific research literature using at least 15
primary sources, of which at least 12 are peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.
Note that this assignment requires you to conduct basic background research (e.g., search the library
and other sources for journal articles, books, and other relevant publications), critically analyze available
information (e.g., understand and make sense of it), logically organize this information (e.g., develop an
outline), and convey this information in a coherent manner (e.g., via the written paper). A document in
Canvas labeled “Paper Guidance” also provides additional guidance. You are strongly encouraged to
access, download, and use this document to help assist you on this assignment (and to do so early in the
semester rather than near the end).
The paper is to be a minimum of 10 pages and should not cannot exceed 12 pages of text (this does not
include cover and reference pages), must be submitted in a Microsoft Word or PDF document, and
follow the following format: (1) 1 inch margins, (2) 12-point Times New Roman font, (3) double-line
spaced, (4) APA citation style, and (5) include page numbers.

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