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Read and Riot Discussion Forum: “Introduction” and “Rule No. 1: Be a Pirate”Read the assigned chaptersYou will find that our readings from Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism are in a much more personal and informal writing style than our sociological readings. So instead of taking reading notes and writing a note to Jen, you will be reading the book and reflecting on how it connects to what we are reading in Rigging the Game.Write a discussion post (20 points)Write at least 200 words that connect Nadya Tolokonnikova’s ideas and stories to what we have learned about the sociological imagination so far and that share your own personal reactions to her writing. Your post should be specific enough, though, to demonstrate that you have done the reading from Read & Riot. You could write about something that shocked you, something that made you want to learn more, something that you related to, something that moved or disturbed you, something that inspired you, etc. Then make a connection to this week’s material about the sociological imagination or put her ideas in sociological context.



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