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Read Case Study 7-2 Sony Pictures: The Criminals Won from the uploaded document. Answer question 2 What access and data protection controls would you recommend Sony use to provide better security for unreleased digital films and emails?Work must be 1 FULL page, single spaced, 12 font Times New Roman. The cover and reference page must be on separate pages with at least 5 references. You should have at least one in text citation for every reference and try to use reference other than or in addition to the uploaded textbook.

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164 Security Discussion Questions 1. Which of the two aircraft breaches is more serious: the breach described here or the breach created by the hacker (described earlier in the chapter) ¬†who took control of the plane’s throttle briefly through the entertainment system and then tweeted about it?


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Sony Pictures

digital films and emails

data protection controls

Acces controls

The interview film

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