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Take two theories of instructional design and forecast how future technology might be used based on these theories.Discovery-based learning is where students figure things out for themselves, investigate issues, and ask questions (Teachnology). With technology being used more and more in the classrooms, teachers have students use computers and the internet to search for their questions. With COVID and schools being closed or partially closed, students have been at home learning and doing more hands-on activities to upload onto Skyward (or whichever service the school uses). In the future, students may get the option of attending school online or in the classroom and will leave the choice up to the parents. With computers and the internet, students can become more involved and use their self-help skills to figure out problems or find answers.Individualized instruction is personalizing instruction to each student’s learning style. With computers, laptops, and other forms of technology in the palm of our hands’ teachers in the future will have students learning at their own pace and what best fits their needs. With the internet, teachers can have students take online assessments and then individualize a curriculum for each student to learn at their own pace and move on to new material as they are ready. In doing that, students can progress to new tasks, so they do not get bored with what is being taught because they have already mastered what they are learning. In that same sense, students who need more time can have that extra time to master those same skills. “No child will be left behind if the individual learning needs of the child are met (National Dropout Prevention Center, par.1). Because students could go at their own pace, they would not get discouraged and want to drop out of school.ReferencesIndividualized instruction. (n.d.). from (Links to an external site.)What is dISCOVERY lEARNING? (n.d.). from

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