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Prepare: Complete the Unit 7 Reading and Activities sections.Post: Make your initial post to the Discussion Board.Locate one claim or point that needs to be strengthened within one body paragraph of your Unit 6 Assignment. Then find one reliable and relevant source that will support it. Include the URL link to the source in your post so your classmates can review the source.Then, explain why this source is reliable and relevant to your paper.Select a body paragraph from your Unit 6 Assignment that needs research information to support, develop, or clarify ideas effectively. Then, paraphrase and incorporate the relevant source from the source you selected into that paragraph to help clarify, develop, or explain your point or claim in that paragraph. Post both the original paragraph from your Unit 6 Assignment and the revised paragraph that now includes research information. Do not worry about citing the source correctly — you will learn to do that in Unit 8. Instead, use a signal phrase inside the paragraph (like “According to Smith…”) to introduce the source information within the paragraph.Include an open-ended question about any issue your initial post raises which your classmates can help you with.

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supply chain management

business processes

Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology


Business Function

quality output

storage of goods

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