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Hello, I have my English 104 discussion due today. Directions are below.

I will provide the link to the book as well.

“Dear Class,

After reading Chapter 10 on Evaluations (269), please complete the Respond question on page 234-235. To clarify, I would like you to create 5 categories for evaluation continuing the same “best of” issue described in the question. For each category, provide at least 2-3 criteria.”


1. What kinds of reviews or evaluations do you read or consult most often—those of TV shows,

sports teams, video games, fashions, fishing gear, political figures? Try composing an argument

of evaluation in your favorite genre: make and defend a claim about the quality of some object,

item, work, or person within your area of interest or special knowledge. Let the project

demonstrate an expertise you have gained. If it helps, model your evaluation upon the work of a

reviewer or expert you particularly respect and choose the medium that you think works best.

2. Prepare a project in which you challenge what you regard as a wrong-headed evaluation,

providing sound reasons and solid evidence for challenging this existing and perhaps

commonly held view. Maybe you believe that a classic novel you had to read in high school is

overrated or that people who criticize a particular social media platform really don’t

understand it. Explain why the subject of your evaluation needs to be reconsidered and provide

reasons, evidence, and, if necessary, different criteria of evaluation for doing so. For an example

of this type of (re)evaluation, see Becca Stanek’s “I took vitamins every day for a decade. Then I

found out they’re useless.”

3. Write an evaluation in which you compare or assess the contributions or achievements of two or

three notable people working within the same field or occupation. They may be educators,

entrepreneurs, public officials, artists, legislators, editorial cartoonists, fashion designers,


programmers, athletes, faculty at your school, or employees where you work. While your first

instinct might be to rank these individuals and pick a “winner,” you could also aim to help

readers appreciate the different paths by which your subjects have achieved distinction.

4. Within this chapter, the authors claim that criteria of evaluation can change depending on times

and circumstances: “In good economic times, people may demand homes with soaring

entryways, lots of space, and premium appliances. In tougher times, they may care more about

quality insulation and energy-efficient stoves and dishwashers.” Working in a group, discuss

several scenarios of change and then explore how those circumstances could alter the way we

evaluate particular objects, activities, or productions. For example, what impact might global

warming have upon the way we determine desirable places to live or vacation? How might

growing resistance worldwide to immigration or open borders affect political alliances or

cultural diversity? If people across the globe continue to put on weight, how might standards of

personal beauty or fashion alter? If media and news outlets continue to fall in public esteem,

how might we change the way we make political decisions? Following the discussion, write a

paper or prepare a project in which you explore how one scenario for change might revise

customary values and standards of evaluation.

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