Contact us for this answer at +1 (817) 546-4770 on SMS/Whatsapp/Call or Email us at support@essaypurdue.comThe discussion was about reading from page3-8 then answering the following discussion prompt (After reading Cronon (pg. 3 in the the textbook Reader) look at the 10 skills people believe a college graduate should have. Pick one that you think is the most important and discuss why you chose it. Respond to a student who has picked a different one as the best). I have the discussion already done. What I want from you is to reply to one of the students posts. The “A” student will also take time to constructively comment/critique on 1 of their peers’ work/ideas in a tactful manner and even provide further ideas/questions for exploration. The reply is a minimum of 150 words. Repetitive responses (where a student says the same thing as a response) will not be considered for grades. Phrases not counted into the word count- “Hi Jane I really really like your answer!” (or versions of the same) or “Question #6 (and then you repeat the entire question). After I assign this assignment to the tutor I will include one of the students posts that you need to reply to.

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