Contact us for this answer at +1 (817) 546-4770 on SMS/Whatsapp/Call or Email us at support@essaypurdue.comThis chapter discusses cultural elements that have multiple impacts on global marketing. These cultural elements include: For this discussion please do the following: 1. choose two (2) of the above cultural elements 2. Illustrate with real-life examples to show how they influence marketing actions. For my example the two elements I chose to work on are symbols and aesthetics Symbols: Improper Use of Chinese cultural symbol of Dragon. Nippon Paint a Japanese paint brand made a print ad below in the Chinese market to show off the smooth quality of its paint. The ad suggests that the column of the pagoda is painted so smoothly that even the dragon cant hold onto it. Dragon being the symbol of Chinese culture this ad with dragon slipping down the column was viewed as an insult to Chinese people and its culture. It was censored by the Chinese government. Aesthetics: Victoria Secrets developed a line of intimate wear called the “Sexy Little Geisha” which consists of a mesh teddy with “Eastern-inspired” floral print fabric on the bra cups and crotch plus a coordinating (and removable!) obi belt. They were considered offensive to Japanese people and their culture concerning Geishas. religion aesthetics/colors values and attitudes dietary preferences languages (both verbal and non-verbal) music symbols religionaesthetics/colorsvalues and attitudesdietary preferenceslanguages (both verbal and non-verbal)musicsymbols

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