The paper will be 5 pages (~2000 words), distributed as: – Introduction (1/2 page): In this section, you explain what the paper is about. Think about your topic, read about it, and then make a claim. Tell us what you think. Make it interesting and informative. Most importantly, you are expected to support your thesis statement with factual information that you must provide in the rest of the paper. – Body (3 pages): This section will comprise the bulk of your paper. All of the factual information and arguments you present should connect logically to your thesis. Your TA will tell you what subtopic need to be addressed in each page. Again, try to make this section interesting and fluid. – Conclusion (1/2 page): In this section you will combine all the information you talked about in the introduction and the body of the paper. This section should wrap up the information you provide in your paper. – Reference page: You must include at least 6 journal articles, and 1 book (do not use Mader Human Bio book!). What to cite: “everything that is not common knowledge”. source you used. These textual citations allow the reader to refer to your References page(s) for further information. How to do it: In the text, after the idea: (Author’s last name, year). Requirements: 5 pages Within the text of your paper, cite using parentheses to show your readers where you found each

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