With the tragic events of this past year, the senseless violence, the loss of life, the increasing racism, and the violence directed at Asian Americans, I have decided to create an assignment. My goal is to generate greater awareness, understanding, and sensitivity to the currents of racism and sexism that are behind many of these awful crimes. This assignment will focus on the crimes against Asian Americans, not all of the recent mass shootings, which also deserve the attention and concern of our nation. For this assignment, students must read three articles and answer the questions below. This assignment requires students to follow the rules for formatting and content requirements outlined in the Writing Guidelines. Every prompt must be answered and supported with evidence from the articles, and every answer must meet the minimum requirements of 3-5 sentences in length. Please read the following articles and answer the questions for each particular article AND the last two questions which address all three articles. There are TEN questions total. Students must read EVERY article and answer EVERY question to earn credit for this assignment. I will not accept incomplete work so please answer EVERY prompt. Insider article on anti-Asian violence: https://www.insider.com/anti-asian-violence-racism-hate-crime-invisible-american-history (Links to an external site.) For this article answer the following four questions: 1. What is the “model minority myth” discussed in the article? 2. What 19th and 20th century American laws and practices dealing with Asian people are discussed in the article? 3. According to Professor Claire Jean Kim, what are the two steps to combating anti-Asian racism and violence? 4. What is the “groundwater disease” mentioned in the article? The New York Times article: How Racism and Sexism Intertwine to Torment Asian American Women https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/18/us/racism-sexism-atlanta-spa-shooting.html (Links to an external site.) For this article answer the following two questions: 1. What are the stereotypes addressed in the article? 2. What are the statistics on violent crimes against Asian women? How do they differ from the statistics on most hate crimes? Seattle Times article: Racist, Colonialist, and Misogynist Narrative Abets Violence Against Asian American Women https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/racist-colonialist-and-misogynist-narrative-abets-violence-against-asian-women/Links to an external site. For this article answer the following two questions: 1. Why does the author take issue with the phrase, “Asian Massage Parlors”? 2. What, according to the article, is the most potent weapon of anti-Asian racism? Additional Questions addressing all three articles: 1. Did you learn anything new from these articles? If yes, what did you learn? 2. What do you think can be done to combat racist attacks against Asian Americans? What can be done to combat misogynist attacks against Asian American women? Requirements: 5-6 sentences per question

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