1. Briefly discuss Porter’s “Five Forces” model. Why is it still relevant? 2. Discuss Application Programming interfaces. Know how they enable virtually everything we do on our mobile phones and computers in general! (How is it that every time you click on something, you can go somewhere else, or do something else, or go to a completely different application?) 3. Discuss Decision Support systems, including their role in structured and unstructured business decisions. Comment on any one salient point from the link to Excel decision support tools from Palisade. 4. Define Electronic Data Interchange, EDI. 1. Briefly explain the CIA triad. It’s aimed at data, but also provides a more global perspective for a business. 2. What is Phishing? How can we identify “phishes”? 3. Two Factor authentication is a current security tool for users. It’s somewhat aggravating to use, though. What is two factor authentication? 4. Investigate GGU’s security policy from the module. What is your take on the information? The writing style? Clarity? Accountability? 1. What is/are TCP/IP? Why are they of sort of “cosmic” importance to our ability to seamlessly use the Internet? 2. What is packet switching, and why is it as important, in a different way, than TCP/IP? 3. Describe the differences between the Internet, an intranet and the extranet. How do common protocols makes these possible? Thought: when you visit Amazon (or anything else), are you on an intranet or an extranet? 4. How are your computers, tablets, mobile phones, web browsers and applications (apps) all examples of the client/server model? Social media 1. Choose a particular social media tool, and tell three items that can make it valuable in a business situation. 2. Social media provide nearly real-time feedback on just about every entry. What is the importance of real-time oversight of an organization’s social media presence? Project Management 3. One of the most insidious problems with projects is scope creep. What is that? How can it be managed? Thought: what does a project manager do when an upper manager comes to you and wants an additional feature added in a project that was not budgeted for? There’s no ultimate book or resource answer for this question, BTW. 4. Do some quick research on the software development approach named Agile. What is it? How is it effective? Why? How does it differ from older methods? Requirements: 500 words or more on each question.

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