Description: (750 words) (Approx.) Policy: Requirements: 1 to 2 pages Discuss the potential of an innovation to establish competitive advantage. Give suitable examples from real market. When and how does the vertical integration become a solution for a company to maintain its competitive advantage?Enrich your answer by suitable examples from Saudi market This assignment is an individual assignment. All students are encouraged to use their own words. Any kind plagiarism will not be tolerated. Student must apply Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook along with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it. It is strongly encouraged that you submit your assignment into the safe assignment Originality Check prior to submitting it to your instructor for grading. Plagiariism precantage must very very low. Attached the APA 7d style format

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