After finishing the first half of the semester, you should be able relate what you have learned so far into the macroeconomic data. So, read the following statements and explain that using what you have learned such as productivity & production and GDP growth & GDP components. Then, relate that to the attached tables: Remember that what you have learned about the national income (GDP) Y = C + I + G + NX is exactly the same components on table 17 or 18 and some other tables. Requirements: 600 – 700 What happened to the GDP in general and the GDP by economic activity on table 1 or table 4 (table 4 is easier) during the pandemic “covid-19”? Which sector has been affected more during the pandemic and why would you think this sector has been affected more? One of the most important targets for the Vision 2030 is to switch the production in Saudi Arabia from mostly depending on Oil to diversify its production, would you think we are going into the target of diversifying production through looking at the tables 15 & 16 (table 16 is easier to see because it shows the growth) from 2018 to 2021. You can also look at tables 8 and 10 for annual data. You could reply to as many posts as you would like (there is no limit as long as the discussion still within the deadline) because your grade will depend on both: your post and replies. THE MINIMUM REPLIES ARE 5. Your five replies have to add to the discussion rather than evaluating the discussion; so replies such as “I agree with you”, “great post”, “great point” ……. Etc. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Relate your answer to the attached excel file that consists of 9 GDP & GDP related tables from the General Authority of Statistics and what you have learned so far. (FILE WILL BE UNDER WEEK 9) You can add to your discussion from online resources, BUT YOU HAVE TO CITE YOUR WORK.

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