The Research Paper Outline The purpose of this assignment is to draft and submit a complete, organized, detailed outline of your research paper in APA format, with sources cited and referenced accurately. Adhere to the following guidelines for drafting and submitting your outline: My research question : – To investigate the effect of social media on the development of children and examine the impact on their interaction with others. – Many experts claim that social media has a negative effect on children’s development of social skills, as they are having fewer face-to-face interactions with others. Does social media have a negative effect on children’s social development? – Thesis: Social media use among children should be moderated due to the negative effects it has on them including encouraging addictive behaviors, poor social skills, and cyberbullying. Requirements: about 2 pages Use standard alphanumeric outline format Include your thesis at the top of the page before you start your outline Include APA in-text citations for at least three scholarly sources Include an APA formatted reference page Include a title page Use current APA Style throughout

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