PEER POST # 1 Hello class. I almost never participate in any survey unless I have an amazing experience or the worst experience. Almost every survey I come across is either sent via text message, email, or immediately after a phone call. Generally the survey is conducted via online survey and are designed to be quick and easy to answer yes or no questions. The designers make the question easy to answer and will usually leave open ended questions to allow the user to enter their own feedback. The surveys are designed this way because people nowadays do not want to spend a lot of time with surveys and the longer the survey the less likely the survey will be completed. The information provided can be used he the developers or team requesting the information to make changes to their product, application, website, and or customer support experience. This allows the improvement on areas the surveys suggest customers are not pleased with and also see what the consumer or customer is pleased with. PEER POST # 2 The last time I participated in a data gathering survey would have been in an online card game where the player was rewarded with an in game item if they completed a short survey. The method was multiple choice questions with 3 to four options to pick from that related to the demographic of the user. I believe they chose this method as it would be tempting and easy for a player to see a reward they could possibly earn that was easily achievable through a small investment of their time. The information I provided could possibly aid the developers in assessing if their game was well liked by the majority of their user base, and decide if the games design could use redesign. It could have also aided in creating more user requirements that they developers did not previously consider. Requirements: 5-6 sentences for each peer post

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