Factors Enabling And Inhibiting Facilitator Development

Factors Enabling And Inhibiting Facilitator Development

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Factors Enabling And Inhibiting Facilitator Development

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Factors Enabling And Inhibiting Facilitator Development

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Discuss about the Factors Enabling and Inhibiting Facilitator Development.

The study of Paediatric and neonatology denotes the healthcare of newborn babies and young adults. They require quality care to stay safe from various diseases. The study on child health care has been evolving in South Western Sydney over the years. The South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWS LHD) has helped the treatment and care process of the newborn children. It is notable that newborn child health can be affected by some uncommon diseases which are generally different from normal children disease. Efficient care must be provided by the healthcare staffs of SWS LHD. The care must be provided under well-developed childcare infrastructure (Kim, 2014). Hence, this study will unfold the initiative taken by SWS LHD to develop the healthcare plans for the children. The effective health care plans for children can be framed with essential childcare coordination and activities. The framework for the neonates’ can be useful to provide quality and safety care to the newborn babies(Watling, 2015). The initial process of developing healthcare framework for the neonates will be started by analyzing the demography and health care determinants. The morbidity and mortality rate of the newborn children in Western Australia will also be discussed with related data and examples. The service profiles and activities of the healthcare professionals of SWS LHD will also be discussed to demonstrate the clinical service planning for the neonates. The care delivery models will also be discussed in the context of the situational analysis. This will unfold the type of treatment that will be provided to the newborn babies whenever they fall ill. The core strategies are discussed to identify the gaps in reviewing the authenticity of the treatment procedure. Recommendations will be provided based on the existing childcare loopholes of SWS LHD. The conclusion will state all the discussion within a single nutshell and will outline an overall recommendation for the neonate healthcare development.
The demographic analysis is helpful to find out the number of the population under the child healthcare plans of SWS LHD.  The population for child health services of SWS LHD has been growing over the years (Akdemir & Özkan, 2018). The demographical healthcare status under the project communities of SWS LHD can be cleared through a data analysis of the child Nursing healthcare.
Data analysis of child healthcare under SWS LHD
The present childcare trend signifies the facts that the paediatric population would increase by 19% in 2036 as compared to 2011. Hence, the projected growth of SWS LHD would attain a 49% growth in 2036(Watling, 2015). It is notable that around 262,921 c
The growth of population is showing the trend of additional demand. The demand for more paediatric care organisations will be increased.
The healthcare determinants determine the diseases through which effective care plans can be identified.
Healthcare-associated infection: The newborn babies are easily affected by infections due to change of atmosphere. This is considered neonate infections. This is generally transmitted from mother womb. The healthcare staffs accept the infections as the healthcare determinants and use to take suitable intervention for the neonatal infection(Hamzelou, 2016). Thus, this can be considered as health care determinants as per SWS LHD.
The paediatric and neonatal problem is the growing problems of Australia. According to the Australian Government report, the mortality rate is 6.8% due to the paediatric and neonatal problem. The rate of child mortality is 1.3% more in the regional parts than the metropolitan parts of the country. The tendency of developing paediatric and neonatal problems are slightly greater in the aboriginal population compared to the non-indigenous population of the country(Kim, 2014)It is essential to perform demographic analysis in a proper way. It enables the rate of morbidity and mortality due to paediatric problems in the newborn population. An appropriate health care service plan should be developed in a manner that helps to mitigate the rate of morbidity and mortality in the newborn population (Miguel & Miguel, 2018). A proper health care service plan will enable to stem the flow of morbidity and mortality and result in the holistic development of the paediatric health(Jae-eun Seok, 2014). According to the below figure, it is clear that there is steady growth in the newborn population.
Need assessment
It is essential to perform the need assessment before preparation of the health service plan. It is clear that there is a rising of the newborn population in the country(Klotz, Dooley-Hash, House & Andreatta, 2014). The mortality rate of the newborn due to the neonatal problem is almost 6.8%. It is quite relevant from the statistics that need of a proper health care service plan for the paediatrics and neonatal patients are essential. The healthcare plan must address the service activities and action plan that will be delivered efficiently to the mothers and the newborn child(Suzuki, 2016). The healthcare service plan helps in delivering efficient service according to the need of the mothers and the newborn child in nursing care settings.
It is very much important to build the health service plan for the paediatric and neonatal care keeping in mind all the service profiles. There should be a proper liaison with the government and the private institutes to determine the action plan(Lloyd et al., 2017). Proper coordination will help to implement the health service plan in a proper way. The service profiles will include community health.  The community health service should include the children protection early, childhood care(Redkar, 2017). Children out the home can be established for early childhood care. There should be a liaison with the government and private nursing care settings. In the Western Sydney Health facility may be established close to the university to coordinate care with the Campbell town Hospital(Bradd, Travaglia & Hayen, 2017). It will help in developing proper service to the paediatric and neonatal cases in the locality.
A strong childcare service network may include in the plan. The strong childcare service network may form a relationship between south-western Sydney and the New South Wales child health network. It will help in the enhancement of the service and efficiency of the service provider. The morbidity and mortality rate can be decreased with help of this kind of plan(Hinkley, Carson & Hesketh, 2014). Another service profile is the development of the paediatric education programme with the help of the local people of south-western Sydney.
The plan must include a different kind of services essential for the paediatric and neonatal services. There should be inpatient paediatric care for acute emergency situations(Weiss & Vora, 2018). Proper infrastructure should be developed to give the emergency patient of paediatric and neonatal babies with proper acute care management. The children under the age of 16 should be taken to the paediatric ward. There must be the presence of a paediatric specialist in the nursing care setting so that the emergency patient can be delivered with proper nursing care (Rezaimehr & Bhargava, 2013). The action plan should include implementation of proper neonatal care unit. The neonatal intensive care helps in taking proper nursing care of the high-risk neonates. The infrastructure of the neonatal intensive care should be planned in a proper way (Williams, 2017). Proper funding is required for the establishment of the neonatal intensive care unit.
The health service plan must include the establishment of special care nursery beds for the paediatric ward.  The special care nursery units may be built as a step-down unit for the neonatal intensive care for babies (Weiss & Vora, 2018). After steady recovery, the babies can be transferred to special care nursery cots. Another important service should be considered in the health service plan that is the ambulance service. During an emergency case, the ambulance service must be available to bridge the gap between the hospital care setting and the community or home (Williams, 2017). The health service plan should include the outpatient clinic which is one of the most essential components for the regional population.  Installation of an outpatient clinic with Paediatric doctors will help in case of an emergency situation (Rezaimehr & Bhargava, 2013). After the primary treatment of the patient is conducted in the clinic through proper ambulance care the child can be moved into nursing care setting in the hospital. There might be the installation of the subspecialty clinic that may bring the care for the children closer within the district.
Situational analysis
The situational analysis is very much important in the nursing care settings. The paediatric and the neonatal health care are very much important and should be prominently analysed. The situational analysis helps in the formulation of an efficient strategy according to the needs of the patients (Watling, 2015). According to the situational analysis different kind of strategies for proper care centred approach can be taken.
Role Delineation: After performing the situational analysis in an effective manner the role delineation should be done according to the strength of the employees. The paediatric words nurses should have patience and capability to handle the complex situation. The delegation of role should be done according to these parameters. The paediatric specialist should be appointed and given the role of effective treatment of the patients. Maintenance staffs should delegate with the role of efficient maintenance of the nursing care set up.
 The service delivery care model can be achieved through an integrated healthcare system model. A holistic approach to the health service action plan is required. It helps the inappropriate implementation of the model care in the nursing care settings to paediatric settings (Redkar, 2017). The core characteristics of the model include the following components:

Prominent establishment and expansion of the ambulatory care services at each facility.
There should be a provision for health care services in close proximity to the home of the children.
There should be efficient out outreach capacity model plane.

Future service delivery and care model
 The service delivery and the model of care can be achieved through an integrated healthcare system model. A holistic approach to the health service action plan is required. This helps in implementing proper care model to provide quality care to the paediatric setting(Klotz, Dooley-Hash, House & Andreatta, 2014). The core characteristics of the model include the following components.

Effective establishment and expansion of the ambulatory care services at each facility.
There should be a provision for health care services in close proximity to the home of the children.
There should be proper out outreach capacity model plane.
Further development ensuring neonatal and paediatric units are sufficiently large. Cost efficient treatment plan should be installed in a proper way.
The care model should take care of the paediatric centre for the surgery.
Paediatric assessment should be done in a proper way that will help in the holistic development of the program.

There are some key goals, objectives and strategies that should be included in the health service plan the strategies are mentioned below:




Ø Providing High-quality service to the patient

Ø monitoring the paediatric and neonatology IIMs and KPI dashboard bi-monthly basis is the most prominent tasks for the effectiveness child health care plan for SWS LHD

. Active participation in quality improvement and the capacity building programme should be done with the highest priority (Akdemir & Özkan, 2018). The breastfeeding rates must be improved through efficient initiatives of a neonatal and postnatal strategic plan.

To increase the efficiency of the  service provider

Ø To maintain the efficiency with the national stands of the health.

Ø Capacity building programme is required to develop the staffs is a prominent way. The capacity building training programme should be included with innovative techniques (Hamzelou, 2016). It is essential to building the capacity of service providers by using innovative techniques.  The promotion of uniform clinical practice is an essential guide for nursing (Miguel & Miguel, 2018). The effective succession planning must be programmed.

Effective infrastructure development

Ø To maintain an upgraded and effective service to deliver the paediatric patient with the highest quality of service.

The holistic development of paediatric care depends on the implementation of the strategic development plan. If new modern technologies including the neonatal intensive care service, paediatrics wards clinics should be done in an efficient manner (Suzuki, 2016).

Sustainability of the service.

Ø To provide the patients of paediatrics with sustainable and efficient service.

Ø  Sustainability is one of the most important parameters that should be analysed in the child healthcare setting.  Development of effective paediatric care should be installed in the nursing care settings. Funding and funding plan implementation is required to develop the child healthcare strategic plan more prominently. (Lloyd et al., 2017). The efficiency of the service can be increased through proper implementation of the health action plan.  Partnership with the community-based organization must be developed to help in the sustainability of the organization.

The recommendation for the health action plan is as below:

An infrastructure development plan must be presented with immediate concern. Infrastructure development is considered to be a key component to health action plan. It should be implemented in an efficient manner. It will enhance the efficiency of service to serve the acute care patient. Infrastructure development of the healthcare should be done in a perfect way for the sustainability of the neonatal and paediatric health care programme.
A capacity building training and infrastructural development should be included in the Health action plan. It may involve a different kind of capacity building programme.

The health care service plan is one of the most essential components to be implemented in the child healthcare setting. According to the reports it is seen that there are mortality and morbidity due to the paediatric and neonatal problem. Effective health care can be helpful to implement all the healthcare strategies in an efficient manner. The neonatal and paediatric health action plan includes different component like the infrastructural development and implementation of care by following various rational child healthcare models. It is essential to develop a plan according to the needs of the patient. A proper paediatric and neonatal health care plan will help in the holistic development of the condition of the patient. This will help in decreasing the rate of mortality and morbidity in the country.
Reference list
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