Future Directions Of Integrated Health Promotion Programs

Future Directions Of Integrated Health Promotion Programs

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Future Directions Of Integrated Health Promotion Programs

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Future Directions Of Integrated Health Promotion Programs

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Future Directions of Integrated Health Promotion Programs.

Healthcare promotional planning is one of the most important aspects for the healthcare development of aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders.  The prevalence of diabetes care facilities are biased in the aboriginal communities and it is found that only 4% of the community use to get effective treatment for their healthcare. The aim of this study is to develop as healthcare promotional projectplan for the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders to reduce the number of type 2 diabetes patients. This project promotional; the plan will be helpful for the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders to develop their healthcare setting and enhance their knowledge on the importance of evidence-based nursing for the treatment of type2 diabetes patient. High obesity, lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet promote the symptoms of type2 diabetes. This study will help the healthcaredevelopment for diabetes care. The project will start after analyzing the issues and the rationality of the issue (Alemi & Gustafson, 2007). The issue is rational as 1.5% of the newly born aboriginal children from the Torres Strait Islands carry the symptoms of diabetes that result in everlasting physical disability, mental imbalance, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. In addition, the lack of treatment for type2 diabetes may result in premature death. Thus, it is important to set the objectives of the project to minimize the symptoms of diabetes through the health promotional development project. Strategies of the project will be developed based on existing capabilities and resources. Theimplementation of the project requires effective team management, leadership, a proper strategy, and quality healthcare knowledge. A clear understanding of evidence-based nursing must be carried by the health care participants. The entire project plan will be evaluated based on the existing strengths and weaknesses (Beckett, 2011). It is important to communicate the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders. Moreover, the requirement of sufficient funding for project planning is also an important criterion for the developmental plan of the project. The recommendations will be provided based on the existing weakness and identified threats for the project development. The lack of resourcing, lack of manpower, and inability to communicate the target audience are three key obstacles on which the recommendations will be provided. The whole study will be summarized in the concluding part of the study followed by an overall recommendation for the project development plan.
It is necessary to develop the healthcare management project among the aboriginal communities of Torres Strait Islanders.  The lack of healthcare facility is the key reasons for the growing trend of type2 diabetes among the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders. It is notable that around 1.5% of the aboriginals use to suffer from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and around 33% of the male and 33% of the female among the aboriginal communities of Torres Strait Islanders use to suffer from high-level obesity.  Moreover, 24% of aboriginal children use to suffer from obesity. The facts and figures signify that the obesity and lack of proper healthcarefacilities have been the key reasons for type2 diabetes among the aboriginal communities of TorresStrait Islanders (Canady, 2017).  
A recent research has signified the fact that 69% of the adult aboriginals are proneto smoking habit.  The smoking habit is stated to be an exclusive reason for the excessive amount of typer2 diabetes. Thus, the improper food habit can also be selected as the drivingfactor for diabetes.  The aboriginals of TorresStrait Islanders lack effective physical activities. Thus,these are the most rational reasons to provide quality care to the aboriginal communities of Torres Strait Islanders through the project development plans (Cellucci & Wiggins, 2010).
Project objectives
The objectives generally signify the tasks and motifs of the project. The objectives for healthcare development project are as follows:

To arrange regular medical campaigning among the aboriginal communities of TorresStrait Islanders in order to provide them with a free medical checkup, medical advice, and free medication
To arrange a medical rally to increase the awareness regarding type2 diabetes among the aboriginal communities of TorresStrait Islanders. It will help them to understand the importance of regular medical checkup, the importance of primary knowledge on quality care and avail medical guidance (Guerard, Omachonu, Hernandez & Sen, 2017).
To arrange an open forum medical discussion specifying on type2 diabetes among the aboriginal communities of Torres Strait Islanders.
To provide an open scope to the aboriginals of the Torres Strait Islanders to participate in the discussion and express their problems
To arrange a door to door awareness increasing program, too aware the aboriginals of type2 diabetes and the necessary care required for the treatment (Guest, 2010).

Project strategies
The project for health promotion among the aboriginal community in Australia needs some proper strategies for smooth implementation. In this proposal, the strategies are to be considered that will help in proper functioning and making a proper action plan for the project. The first strategy should be to reorient the primary health care system to be population focused. According to data, it is seen that diabetes is one of the major problems in the aboriginal communities in Australia. Appropriate strategies will be needed for the implementation of the programme. One of the strategies is community participation in the health promotion programme (Lee, 2013). The full community participation should be there in the health promotion programme to have the maximum effect. Diabetes is one of the fatal diseases that result in fatal consequences. The program may consist of a cultural program that will attract the aboriginal community to join the program.
There should be a strategy to involve the local primary health division and the administration so that the sustainability of the programme can be achieved. The project should consist of proper awareness and sensitization activities of the community people through health camps. Besides, that awareness camp and rally might be organized in that rally discussion and slogans can be made about diabetes among the aboriginal community people and its consequences. This will attract the community people to participate in the health promotion program. There is a direct relationship between good strategy and participation of the community people (O’Donnell, 2014). The door to door visit can be also being the strategy of the project. By the help of this strategy, more focus can be given to the household with more problems with diabetes.  Besides that, another important strategy that is a liaison with the other organization and the local medical professionals should be done to implement the program in a better and systematic way.
Project implementation
The implementation stage is the most essential stage of the project. The Action plan for the health promotion programme which is to make should be implemented in the practical situation in a proper way. The action plan should consider the above-mentioned strategies for the project which will help to implement the project in a smooth way. The implementation of the project will consider the different activities of the program. The different activities that will be in the program are health awareness medical camps, making liaison with the health department and local authorities, door to door awareness, programs, and rallies. During the rally, proper communication materials which consist of different awareness information about diabetes may be given to community people. It should be noted that the language should be easy so that the aboriginal people can comprehend the materials (Oh, 2017).  
Sufficient funds should be allocated in the activities properly so that the implementation of the project can be done in a proper manner. In the implementation phase, there will be medical camps that will comprise the free health check-up for the community people. Medical professionals will be present to assess the health condition of the aboriginal people. The HBA1c test the regular fasting and post eating diabetes test will be performed by the professional.  
 There will be awareness camps in that discussion will be done for about the source and consequences of diabetes. The effective nursing care plan should also be depicted in this awareness campaign. This will help the community people to be sensitized about the problem of diabetes. The mitigation strategies and the proper diet plan should also be the agendas of this awareness campaign.  It should be kept in mind that full community participation should be there to make the health promotional program a success. There is another aspect of diabetes which should be considered in this health promotional activity that is the mental aspect. According to the researchers and doctors, it is seen excessive stress may trigger the diabetes level of humans (Picariello, Hanson, Futterman, Hill & Anselm, 2008). The programme will be implemented focusing on a holistic approach to health. It will consider the physiological and psychological factors that cause diabetes. Sensitization of the community people will be one of the most important steps of implementation of the programme. If through the various process of communication the aboriginal community is sensitized about the holistic approach to mitigating diabetes it will result in a positive way for the community.
Besides that, another important point which should be considered in the implementation phase is proper communication and lesion with the local administration and medical health department. The health programme will try to sensitize the aboriginal people by communicating in an easy and comprehensive language (Pronk, 2012).
Project evaluation plan
It is essential to make a project evaluation plan that will analyze the impacts of the programs that comprises the project. There is an evaluation plan that helps to create accountability for the funding agencies. The evaluation plan helps in projecting the positive impacts of the project and the benefits it will have on the target audience.  The health promotion plan should be an integrated programme that comprises of the evidence-based nursing cares. This will help the project to increase its effectiveness in the evaluation scale (R.M. & Jacob, 2017). The basic evaluation plan comprises the following points.

The accountability should be there to the key funding partners and the target audience of the programme. The employees of the project should be accountable to the funding agencies and the aboriginal community people of the Australian population.
The assertion should be done based on key indicators about the expected results of the project. In this case, the evaluation will be based on the participation of the community people in the awareness and the medical camps.
To have a proper evaluation programme the goals and objectives of the project should be clearly planned. The indicators of the project should be fixed and after the implementation of the project, the indicators should be analyzed for proper evaluation. In this project, the sensitization of the aboriginal people in the matter of diabetes and their mitigation strategy and the nursing care plan is one of the key evaluation indicators. This may be analyzed after the implementation of the project (Dixon-Ibarra, Driver, VanVolkenburg & Humphries, 2017).
Evaluation of the project will also comprise of future planning and betterment of the project by analyzing different programs in the project. In this case, the different programs like the medical camps, awareness camps, and sensitization programme should be analyzed and justification should be obtained for this programme. After the analysis is done there should be scope for the betterment of the project
The accreditation requirement should be fulfilled in a proper way so that the positive outcomes may arise in the evaluation scale (Jolley, 2014).

These are in short some the components of the evaluation plan which should be done to evaluate the project in a proper way.
Importance of funding for project development
Funding and sufficient funding are required for the effectiveness of a project management plan. Effective funding affects the development, quality, and effectiveness of the projection of the project area. Thus, funding is required to increase the quality of healthcare in the project development plan. The project starts with a medical campaigning. A medical campaigning requires a large number of participants and healthcare professionals. Moreover, chairs, tables, rented room, and medicines are required for the free medical campaign. Thus, this large range of expenses requires sufficient funding and arrangement. The medical rally requires sufficient manpower and healthcare staffs and an interpreter to convince the local people to participate in the healthcare rally (Kasezawa, 2018). This also requires sufficient fund to arrange the program.  An open medical discussion forum has been proposed to arrange. This forum will be dignified with experienced healthcare professionals, medical staffs, program management team and local participantswho require a wide range of arrangements that require sufficient funding. The arrangement of sufficient funding will be genuinely required for the successful completion of the project management plan.
The arrangement of funding depends on the efficacy of effective budgeting. A proper budgeting will be required before starting the project to assume the expected expenses. Type2 diabetes is a common disease among the aboriginal communities of Torres Strait Islanders where the necessity of healthcare development program is high. Thus, proper budget and funding are required for the project development (Lorthios-Guilledroit, Richard & Filiatrault, 2018).
A project development plan is developed by analyzing the existing resources, plans, and budgetary procedure. However, lack of proper planning, insufficient funding and ineffective budgetary are the ultimate hindrances for the effectiveness of the project development. However, the recommended proposals for the effective development of the project will be asfollows:

Sufficient financial resources will be required for the successful completion of the project (Randolph, Whitaker & Arellano, 2012). Thus, the governmentand several non-government organizationsmust take initiative to fund for the project. Moreover, various corporate organizations may fund for the project to satisfy the ethical perspective of their corporate social responsibility.
Proper budgetary is required for the project. Thus, an accounting management of the organization must survey for market analysis to predict the financial requirement of the project
Effective communication is required for the project to communicate the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders. Both verbal and nonverbal communication technique can be used. Moreover, an interpreter can be recruited for the best outcome (Shimoeda, 2018).

The unavailability of the healthcare opportunities is the key hindrance for the healthcare development of the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders. It is a foundation that the 11% of the aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders use to suffer from type2 diabetes which is eight timeshigher than the non-aboriginal communities. Lack of proper food habit, unhealthy daily life, smoking, drinking and lack of healthcare knowledge are the reasons behind the growing number type2 diabetes aboriginals of Torres Strait Islanders. The requirement to develop the healthcare opportunities among the aboriginal communities of the Torres Strait Islands is the key motif to develop the project management plan (Stolp et al., 2017). The project management plan will be developed based on the agendas based on free medical health check-up campaign, an open discussion forum, diabetes care awareness rally and door to door diabetes care awareness program. The strategies to develop the healthcare management program have been described in the study in a précised manner. However, the resources problem, funding problem, budgetary problem, and communication problem have been identified as the key problems. The government and the non-government financial organization must provide sufficient funding and resources. The improvement of verbal and nonverbal communication has been focused. Moreover, the interpreter can be the best option to communicate the aboriginals for healthcare development (Smith, Rissel, Shilton & Bauman, 2016).
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