Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

Being prepared for the future is critical in ensuring we, as health care professionals, can continue to have improved patient outcomes. The goal of this assignment is to look at what the infrastructure of health care will look like in the future and how that will affect health care professionals.Planning Better Health For The Future Essay


For this assignment, write a 1,000-1,250 word paper that focuses on the following:

Why is population health such a strong focus for the future? What needs to happen for this to truly expand? Why have we struggled with this in the past? What are some opportunities available today?
Patient activation takes patient education and responsibility to the next level. Patients are given the tools and then they apply them and become responsible for their ongoing care. Why is this critical as we look to the future of health care?
Create one goal that would help with the current shortage of health care professionals. Develop a vision to inform, inspire, and motivate individuals to choose a career within the allied health professions.
Provide a minimum of three references for this assignment.

Although all 28 focus areas listed by the National Center for Health Statistics are important, if budgetary issues limited work to only 10 areas, I would select the following 10 as being the most important: cancer; diabetes; education and community-based programs; heart disease and stroke; immunization and infectious diseases; maternal, infant, and child health; nutrition and overweight; physical activity and fitness; and public health infrastructure. I chose the first nine of 10 because if people are aware of these conditions and programs, they are able to take action and help themselves achieve better health and a better lifestyle. The 10th choice, political infrastructure, needs to be strong for people to have the opportunity to be aware of the other nine selections .Planning Better Health For The Future Essay
The more information that people have about healthy lifestyle choices, the better they can care for themselves. Behaviors are influences by personal choices, the organizations and institutions that people rely for their health care, the environment in which one lives, and the policies that are in place. Because these different levels and the complex relationships that exist between them are factors that determine one’s involvement with them and their health it has been determined that community-based programs help people care for themselves at all levels and in all settings.
Healthy choices need to be made in all settings in which a person finds themselves. The information needed to make these choices should and is better used if available through a variety of sources. To improve one’s health it is necessary to make changes to end negative behaviors and begin to make better choices. Social support helps individuals become more likely to make these choices .
In order to introduce a successful program for individuals to use successfully within their community I would include rewards with compliance. It may be perceived as a bribe, but having a reward to make a positive choice initially would help influence more people to take a chance and make the healthier choices. For children an in-school reward program would be established. As children make successful transitions to healthier habits, they can be rewarded with programming within their school. Some of the areas would include increased physical activity and eating more fruits and vegetables. Choices would be made during the school day and students could earn privileges by making choices when at home and in the community as well. A movie time for a positive month or an extra gym class would be possible incentives for this group.
Adults could earn similar rewards by making changes in all environments. By eating healthy at work there could be a reward system in place. By participating in physical activity additional points could be earned. A supporting employer could reward employees with time off to volunteer to help with programs that the children earned at school or working with the elderly in their programming areas for making healthy choices as well. Positive peer pressure with benefits may help to establish the initial changes. Making the changes a way of life would be the ultimate goal (Cresswell, 2005).Planning Better Health For The Future Essay
The selections of cancer; diabetes; heart disease and stroke; immunizations and infectious diseases; maternal, infant and child health; nutrition and overweight; and physical activity and fitness are all areas where people can make positive choices and influence their outcomes. Although people cannot prevent some of the items listed, healthy lifestyle choices help to reduce risk factors. The other areas, including education and community-based programs and public health infrastructure, are the supportive elements needed for people to make the best choices to improve their health.

When looking for a long term solution to national health issue, in most cases the solution is not by offering cure to the affected people rather it is by providing prevention measures and creating public awareness. These top 10 areas that have been considered most important to tackle first in case of restraints in budgetary have been chosen based on how effective a long term strategy would solve issues in the area and the solution extends even to most of the other areas. For instance, a focus on family planning would extend solution to other areas in the Health People 2010 Program related to reproduction such as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and Maternal, Infant, and Child Health. Similarly, a focus on substance abuse would extend the solution to other areas in the Health People Program such as Tobacco Abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health and mental disorders. On the same note, mental health can be used to merge several areas such as obesity, substance abuse, and Tobacco use.Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

Access to quality health care is usually indicated by possession of a health insurance; a health insurance is important in ensuring that individuals have access mostly to primary care providers. The presence of this is important in ensuring a reduction in health related issues especially to low income earners. Therefore this area should be one of principle areas of study as it can merge several other areas such as immunization and diabetes. This would be a good move when working to reduce expenses in the study.

Nutrition and overweight are linked to a number of health concerns including heart diseases, high blood pressure and cancer (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2001). Therefore in case of a limiting budget, these areas in healthy people 2010 can be merged and solved as a single issue. When selecting the areas, it is important to focus not only in reduction of cost but a focus on issues which affects majority of people today. Selecting areas which affect majority of population would make the study meaningful even when there are constrains in the budget. Cancer, diabetes, disability and Secondary Conditions, family Planning, Immunization and Infectious Diseases, Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, Physical Activity and Fitness, and Substance Abuse are the major health issues facing the larger population (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2001) and the same time they can merge several other areas. Therefore, choosing areas which are closely related to most of other areas in the program would help to work on a restrained budget since one such area complements several areas.Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

How would you develop a program and present it to an individual and a community?

One important fact to consider when developing a program meant for an individual and the community at the same time is that a community is made up of the collective attitude, behavior, and beliefs of people living in the community (Green & Ottoson, 2009). This makes an individual and his/her community inseparable. The program would focus more on an individual; this would help save resources in the sense that when every person in the community has been contacted, reaching the larger community becomes easy.

For instance, when preparing a nutrition program meant for a school, it is easier to first target the students as individuals and then bring them together in dealing with the issue. This way, time that will be used as well as the resources will be fewer than if the program started by dealing with the community. A new program in most cases is meant to improve a situation or introduce a new way of handling a situation in the community. Bearing this in mind, it is important to consider some factors before meeting an individual or the community to introduce the program. The key factors to consider are social, cultural, economical, and physical changes that the program will cause to the individual or the community (Green & Ottoson, 2009). The program would therefore be such that it is in line with the customs of the community so that it can be accepted by the people.Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

Discuss the impact of failure to achieve the goals of the chosen focus areas.

The most definite impact in case of failure to achieve the goals of these 10 chosen areas is poor quality of life in the nation well as reduced life expectancy. A good quality of life may be measured by satisfaction of people with their lifestyles, appreciation of the surrounding environment and a general sense of happiness (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). Good health is a key element in ensuring quality of life and as such, the lack of it is reflected through peoples’ appreciation of the kind of life they are living.

The other arguable impact is continued differences in the health status of people belonging to different demographic levels; gender, income level, race, geographic region, and education. This is because these are the major determinants of health status of people in a nation (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). In addition, failure to achieve the goals would mean a failure in a national action plan and since national resources are utilized in the implementation, failure to successfully implement the program would be a blow to the national economy.


Health is an interesting state of being. It is of great value in our society for its ability to help accomplish great things, to help humans perform at their best, and to overall make everyone feel good. It was once said by an Arabian Proverb that, “he who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything” (“Arabian Proverb” np). This is entirely true; health provides humans with the greatest of opportunities to succeed and flourish in their ever changing world. Health can also destroy them just as easily. Technological advances have led to a sedentary lifestyle and people are becoming exceedingly more careless, especially when it comes to their health. Planning Better Health For The Future Essay
The patient answers yes, he was involved in a car accident five years back where his left lung collapsed, and he was exposed to pneumonia (“HIPPA Pre-Existing Condition Protections” np). Those few informative details have now set the stage for a battle between the patient and his health insurance company. While his accident is long gone, aspects of it still remain and will fight against him in his quest to receive medical attention. This patient will be labeled as a patient with a pre-existing condition or, “a health problem that existed before [the patient] applied for a health insurance policy or enrolled in a new health plan” (np). A pre-existing condition is nothing to take lightly; more then one hundred million people under the age of sixty- five are living with what health care providers consider a pre-existing condition, according to a news release published by the United States Department of Health and Human services. They predict that “by 2014, 1 in 2 non-elderly Americans could be denied coverage” (“129 million Americans could be denied coverage” np). They also report that conditions as simple as arthritis to as severe as heart disease and cancer can and most likely will be reported as a pre-existing condition (np). Exclusions to pre-existing condition coverage are few and far between but not completely absent. If a patient is diagnosed with a genetic Planning Better Health For The Future Essay

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